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From International to Domestic sports, to sports being played in Colleges and Schools and even in your neighbourhood or esports, Rooter gets you the best sports content and audience.

We started Rooter with the core mission of connecting sports fans and creating fan communities. We believe content plays a very important role in bringing people together. 69% of time spent by Indians on smartphones is on content and social media. Rooter is a sports content and social platform for more than 300 million non-english speaking sports fans who want their content personalized and want to express themselves with voice and video, rather than text. “


Founder of Rooter

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450* million sports fans in India consuming online content

What are we

450* million sports fans in India consuming online content – 70% are non-English speakers

Sports Fan Never Stop
  • A majority of sports fans are desperately in need of a platform that gives them specifically curated content in their own preferred languages
  • Communicating through texts & images has become archaic. Therefore, we are building voice and video first features for fans to connect to the community in a way that has never been done before!
Go Live. Audio or Video.

Our Success so far

We are an international team of sports enthusiast, We cover multiple sports like Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi

Million Sports Fans Connected


Thousand Hours spent on Broadcast


Minutes Time Spent Per User/Day


Session Average Per User/Day

Our Journey



The core idea of connecting sports fans was born. We first wanted to connect fans just the way Tinder does.

MVP with Live Prediction Game launched for Euro 2016. Chat was introduced to help fans talk to each other.




With gaming and chat at the core, we started creating a community for sports fans. We reached 350K user base.

Million Users

First-ever live fantasy game - Super Selector, engaging sports fans with live matches. Sports Content was launched that helped us reach the 1M+ user base.






Million Users

Introduced User Generated Content/UGC and vernacular content. Result? User base multiplied 5 times to 5M+.

The Road Ahead

Philosophy Fan Never Stop

Nothing connects strangers better than sports. We, at Rooter, want to be the catalyst for change, bridging the gap between people through sports. To instill passion, integrity and a lot of fun/joy in our lives. 

Tech is our main strength

Our tech team consists of self-learning techies who are equally passionate about their craft as they are for their football/sports clubs (we sometimes lose sleep over every single millisecond of latency and every match lost by our favorite sports team).
The philosophy of our tech-culture is “what > who” that enables us to build scalable, fault-tolerant and performant systems, propelling us in our journey towards becoming world-class engineers while also building the largest community of sports fans across the globe.

Have we made a difference?

We’ve successfully connected 5M+ sports fans in and around India.
 We are helping 8 sports teams and leagues across the spectrum engage with their fan base like never before

20+ brands who found us as a better medium to create affinity for their consumers

Exclusive partnership with Samsung:

Enabling sports fans engagement for all Samsung users in India


Sharechat & Ixigo

Engaging their users who are also sports fans


Collaborate with us:

In a perpetually evolving world, collaboration is of paramount importance. We believe in sharing ideas and working with our partners to get superior results and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Ways to collaborate

Content Creators 

Whether you are a professional or an aspiring content creator, all you need is an audience that recognizes/appreciates your work/contribution. Rooter provides you with an opportunity to showcase your content to the world.

1. Show off your sports knowledge to millions of fans
2. Connect & Collaborate with fellow content creators, grow your network and earn money – all at the same time
3. Use our vast sports community network to your advantage and showcase your work to 5M+ fans across geographies

Technology – Plug and Play Tech for your platforms

SAAS Live – Integrate Live User Generated Content feature to your platform to engage your users/ sports fans and help them connect with others. Live Commentary, Merged Commentary with 2+ users, Live Debate, Opinion, Fantasy teams, and prediction

Esports teams can integrate this feature and create a live community for their fans to engage

SAAS Live Gaming – Integrate Rooter’s unique Live Fantasy (Free-to-play game) on your platform to engage fans when they watch/during live matches. 5000+ matches covered. Available across sports – Football, Cricket, Kabaddi.

SAAS Score – Display rich and in-depth scores of your team/league in multiple languages

Fan Engagement ( Teams and Leagues) 

1. Make Rooter your official fan-engagement partner and provide your fans with a world-class engagement platform
2. Get access to Rooter’s 5M+ user base across Android, iOS and Mobile Web platforms and get unique insights & data about user consumption patterns
3. Experience is everything. We have worked with teams across sports helping them understand this very concept – engage with sports fans in real-time. We out-and-out know how to do it.
3. Get customized packages including the Live Fantasy Game, Content Engagement, and our other ‘Live’ features


1. Brands get a medium to tap into the 5M+ strong sports fan base and connect with them
2. Rooter platform amplifies/magnifies your brand, allowing you to join/tell your message to sports fans at the moment when they are most receptive to it.  Go beyond the ads and build relationships with fans.
3. Find a market for your merchandise & tickets in our fan base/user base

4. Brands can discover audiences and convert them into customers, driving revenues and building their identities.
5. Get deep insights into your fan behaviour.

We would be excited to hear your ideas or learn about your existing products and technologies.

Meet our team

We are an international team of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, talented product managers, software engineers, marketers, and product designers. We believe we can revolutionize the way people consume sports contact using cutting-edge technology and truly unlimited passion.
Founder, CEO
Dipesh Agarwal
Co-Founder, Head of Growth & Partnerships
Deepak Anniyappa
Founding Member, Head of Design
Saurabh Lahoti
Head of Frontend Development

Early Investors

Dhruv Chitgopekar
Dhruv Chitgopekar

Partner, KWAN

Boman Irani

Bollywood Actor

Intex Technologies
Intex Technologies
Anjali Hegde

Interactive Avenues

Prantik Dasgupta

Adani Group, Indonesia

The Leap of faith

Venture Catalysts
Anthill Ventures
Anjali Malhotra - Aviva
IeAD Sports Accelerator

On to scale now with

IeAD Fund

(Adidas Family Office)

2 Undisclosed


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Rooter is also foraying into multiple sports and mobile gaming content to be able to create a strong sports community for the next 300 Million smartphone users.