Actor Boman Irani turns angel investor, backs sports platform Rooter

Sports engagement platform Rooter, which connects sports fans and engages them during live sporting events, recently announced it has received angel funding for an undisclosed amount led by Bollywood actor Boman Irani, and enabled by Kwan Entertainment.

The round also saw participation from Dhruv Chitgopekar, who is a partner at Kwan Entertainment, and Prantik Dasgupta. The funds secured will be used to strengthen the technology team at Rooter as well as create strategic partnerships with various sports platforms, teams, fan clubs and associations, it said in a statement here. Piyush, founder and CEO of Rooter, said,

This comes as a major shot in the arm for us, and encourages us to push on and use technology to make the sports consumption experience even better and more enjoyable

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Rooter raises seed round of funding from Intex Technologies

Digital platform that connects, engages and helps sports audiences interact with each other on a real-time basis, Rooter on Tuesday announced raising of an undisclosed amount of funds from Intex, one of India's fastest growing consumer electronic goods and accessories manufacturer.

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Ranbir Kapoor-owned Mumbai City FC ropes in Rooter for official fan enagagement

Ranbir Kapoor’s Mumbai City FC has roped in Rooter – a real-time sports social platform to be its official fan engagement partner this year.

Mumbai City FC is marked by its unique tactical football, marquee players such as Diego Forlan, coach Alexandre Guimaraes and Ranbir Kapoor among others.

Rooter aims to give a further boost to this rising popularity by providing unique engagement opportunities for existing MCFC fans while acquiring new ones and expanding the club’s fan base to other regions of Maharashtra as well as the rest of India.

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Watch a sport, and play a game on Rooter

The platform seeks to up the engagement quotient of the fan

Entrepreneurs interested in the sports segment have to either win more people who enjoy playing a game or try cashing in on viewership. A fortnight ago, this column considered one hard reality sports start-ups in India face – way more people watch sports than play themselves. Rooter, a live sports fan engagement platform, believes that if people make connections on platforms such as Tinder and Facebook, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work in the context of sports viewership.

“There isn’t a deep understanding of the kind of engagement that can be created with sports fans,” says Piyush, Rooter’s CEO and co-founder.

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Rooter is trying to take sports engagement among fans to a deeper level. Will it find roots in India?

MUMBAI: Mid-thirties is conventionally not the 'right' age to take a plunge into entrepreneurship. And conventional wisdom would have us believe that a dating app is not the best of things to draw inspiration from.

But Piyush believes in defying conventions. He doesn't use his second name, began his first startup at 35, and the business model of his maiden venture Rooter - a social media gaming network connecting sports fans - is heavily inspired by Tinder.

"When people can use Tinder to meet like-minded souls, then why can't they use Rooter to meet like-minded sports fanatics?" wonders Piyush, who founded Rooter in September last year. Within eight months, the fledgling startup has grabbed over 1.2 lakh users, raised money from Bollywood actor Boman Irani and homegrown mobile handset brand Intex, besides tying up with Gujarat Lions, hopping on the IPL bandwagon.

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MY STARTUP IDEA: Rooter and JobsForHer founders on their eureka moments

In this column, we bring you the stories behind how startup founders got their business idea, and the things, events, and actions that eventually led them to their big eureka moment. This time, we feature the founder of an social media gaming network and an entrepreneur who built a job portal for women joining the workforce after a break.

'People hate watching sports alone'

The idea: Rooter, a social media gaming network connecting sports fans

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Gujarat Lions partners Rooter app for IPL-10

Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Gujarat Lions on Thursday partnered mobile sports application Rooter that has customised homepages, chat forums and even profile pages of players to enhance the experience of every team fan using it.

It also has a 'connect with' tab that allows the team's fans to interact with each other during the match in a one-of-a-kind team forum set-up that will add each individual fan's cheer to the collective frenzy.

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How I Turned My Passion For Sports Into The World’s 1st Fan Engagement Startup

Sitting in a crowded canteen in Delhi University during the Cricket World Cup is an exhilarating experience. Everybody gathers around the small TV. Lukewarm aloo patties and rajma chawal turn cold as students stare at the screen. Occasional bursts of excited shouts or disappointed sighs punctuate the proceedings from time to time. Holding a fat book of computer programming in one hand and jostling with the other to find a clear line-of-sight to the television screen, I thought, “It would be so great if I could earn my dal-roti watching sports!”

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Rooting for you: A social platform for sports fans, by a sports fan

Love a particular sport? Here’s how you can connect with other enthusiasts around the world, during a live match

You’ve plonked yourself on the couch, stocked up on food and drinks and are all set to watch your favourite football team. All you probably need now is a bunch of friends rooting, cheering and fist-bumping at every goal scored. But what if none of your pals are sporty?

That’s where Rooter comes in. The app serves as a platform for real-time interaction with enthusiasts in the vicinity as and across the globe.

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Based on the concept of Tinder, this app is a social platform for sports enthusiasts

The Rooter app allows its users to make live predictions on games and chat with like-minded sports fans in their vicinity

There is nothing quite like having fellow fans rooting, shouting and cheering for your favourite team or sportsman. Substitute fellow fans with friends and the setting with home , a TV and copious supply of chips, cold drinks and beer, and you get a high like none other.

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